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Who Should Buy Canon 1100D?


Rather than looking at who should get a Canon EOS 600D, which I expect to be as popular as the 550D, I’d rather define the crowd who may find the EOS 1100D interesting.

  • Budget Conscious Buyer: In today’s world of austerity measures, it goes without saying that you need to consider how much you can budget for your new purchase. For those new to DSLRs, smart money may be better spent on lenses and accessories to allow you to be more creative as you develop your skills.
  • Absolute Beginners. It is more than good enough to deliver some fine results in capable hands. However, if you new to photography, the core features of the 1100D are pretty much the same to the 600D so you won’t be getting inferior image quality. That makes the 1100D a pretty good buy. What’s more, given the product life cycle of DSLRs in this level, you’ll probably be upgrading a much better new model by the time you graduate from your 1100D.
  • Casual / Travel ShootersIf you are only getting a DSLR because you want better photos to your compacts or bridge cameras, you will certainly get your money’s worth with the EOS 1100D. It’s slightly more compact to the 600D and over 10% lighter. This allows you to keep the “big, heavy DSLR” concept to a very reasonable level and great for travelling as well where you may not want to carry a more expensive or heavier DSLR.

Canon 1100D is one the best entry level camera in the market today.

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