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Weekly Nikon news flash #352

Weekly Nikon news flash #352

by adminJanuary 31, 2016

→ The 2016 BCN camera sales rankings for Japan are out: Nikon sold more compact cameras and fewer DSLRs compared to 2015, while lens sales remain unchanged.

→ New Nikon D500 and D5 workshops announced in Germany and Austria (see US launch events here)

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 9.07.03 PM
→ Nikon Singapore awarded a prize to a badly photoshopped photo (above) and the Internet responded appropriately:

Nikon-awarded-a-prize-to-a-badly-photoshopped-photo 4 Nikon-awarded-a-prize-to-a-badly-photoshopped-photo 3

Nikon-awarded-a-prize-to-a-badly-photoshopped-photo 1 Nikon-awarded-a-prize-to-a-badly-photoshopped-photo 2

→ New D500 intro video from Nikon Canada.

→ Those are the photographers who had an early access to the Nikon D500 camera.

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