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Using Dew Drops For Creative Shots

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Using Dew Drops For Creative Shots

The Online Photography School will give you a secret weapon to add to your camera bag. It’s another simple tip that can take your nature photos to a whole new level!

Flower photography is what got a lot of us interested in photography in the first place! Even if flower photography wasn’t part of you getting bitten by the photo bug – and you have no interest in them at all, they are a very good subject to practice on and learn to master your photo equipment. Think about it, they almost always show the flower covered in dew drops.

“Taste Buds” captured by Kristie

Have you noticed that with most stunning flower photos, they are covered with dew drops?

The same with spider webs… in fact in this case, dew drops are an essential element of the shot. They shimmer, sparkle and reflect and they really make your photo come to life! In fact, without dew drops, a spider web photo is fairly boring.

Here is a secret… the dew drops are rarely if ever real!

The photographer’s secret weapon – that should always be in your camera bag – is a small spray bottle of water!

This way, no matter what time of day you are shooting and no matter if there is dew or not – just give the flower a few spritzes and voila! You have a dew covered flower!

“Taste Buds” captured by Kristie (Click Image to See More From Kristie)

That’s how the pros do it, they are NOT searching out flowers and spider webs with natural dew drops!

Here is another tip from the online photography school. Sometimes with a spray bottle, we don’t get “dew drops” that are big enough to read well in the photo. Do you want the dew drops to be a bit bigger? Here is how…Try adding some glycerin to the water. It will help the water molecules bond together and make bigger “dew drops” By the way, if you get thirsty, don’t drink the water and glycerin mix. Hydrate in some other way.

Adding glycerin and making the drops larger is almost essential if you want to get one of those close-up shots of a single dew drop reflecting the flowers behind it. If well done, these type photos have better than average chance of doing well in photo contests.

“h2o” captured by trek

Make today the day you commit to being the kind of photographer you dreamed of being when you first “got into” photography. You can do it… it’s not that hard. Add a glycerin -water bottle to your camera bag so it is always available and use flowers and spider webs as practice subjects. Who knows, that next photo contest winner could be you!

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