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Use Natural Light For Photography

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Use Natural Light For Photography

Today we will explore and learn some natural light photography tips. Often times natural lighting is referred to as “existing light,” with photography it means any source of light within the environment that doesn’t require artificial light source or a flash by the photographer. Just by looking at our topic natural light photography tips you could easily be confused by the natural part and think of just the sun or moon light as only being natural light. In photography, neon signs , street lights, overhead lights in a room and of course the sun are all natural lighting. The best part about this topic is that it is completely free and  there is nothing to purchase.


Natural Light Photography Tips

Of course one of the first Natural Light Photography Tips we’re going to go over is sunlight or to be more specific window lighting. In my opinion this is one of the most versatile light sources you can use. If the walls in the environment that you are shooting are white the light from the window will be bouncing everywhere and it will be up to you to decide whichever is best for your photos. Something a lot of photographers do is turn their subjects into the window and that is a nice shot but if you turn them at a 45 degree angle you will get nice sculpting of the face. Most people will want to put their subject right up against the window and that is great there is nothing wrong with that but a lot people don’t know this or utilize the next simple tip. By just backing them off from the window 5 or 10 feet the light will get softer and softer because the light is bouncing off the walls everywhere. The only difference is you need to adjust your camera settings accordingly because the decreasing amount of light. The payoff is very pleasing because the farther away from the light the softer your shadow sides will be from the highlight.

The main thing you want to take away from these natural light photography tips is to train your eye to look at light the way your camera will look at light. An important thing to taking great photographs is  making the camera an extension of you  or not being aware of the camera itself. If you are constantly thinking of the camera and making adjustments you’re not paying attention to the subject. Now don’t get me wrong of course you need to be aware of the ISO rating, white balance, the exposure compensation but after a while it will become second nature.

The beginner photographer and even some advanced amateurs get a little too pre-occupied with the equipment, what camera to use, what lens to use and it really isn’t that important. The ability to actually look at something and really see it is without question the most important thing, most people look and don’t see, your equipment is secondary. Here is a good exercise to improve the way you see an image you’d like to capture. Find people whose work you really respond to and look at it to rejuvenate your own vision, don’t copy it but use it as inspiration. I know we only touched the surface of natural light photography tips but this blog will be filled with good information in the months to follow, so please share this article with family and friends.

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