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Tips For Using a Reflector Outdoors

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Tips For Using a Reflector

Taking portraits outdoors without the use of expensive speedlights and strobes doesn’t have to be intimidating; even when you’re shooting in the harsh afternoon sun. As Pye explains in the following video, you can get professional results using only a $ 30 reflector and a DSLR with a 50mm prime lens.  Pye shot on a Canon 5D Mark II, but ensures us that great shots can be taken on much cheaper cameras, too. Take a look for more helpful tips on using reflectors to balance bright sunlight!

In the shot below, the reflector was used as a hard main light, but there are countless ways in which a reflector can be used as a light source. In another example from the video, the reflector was used as a fill light. A scrim was also brought in at one point to act as a filter to the sunlight.

outdoor portraiture“One thing to note is because we are in harsh midday sun we are going to use a white reflector. If we were in the shade and need more light, you would probably want to use a silver reflector to get more light out of it.”

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