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Tilt Shift – Tips

Learn Photography – Tilt Shift

Tilt Shift

Trick photography can be really cool and fun to play around with but don’t rely on these techniques to hang your artistic hat on. Many people especially other photographers just find it corny unless the images are unique and never been done before. In future articles we will tackle several different techniques including: High Dynamic Range (HDR) Imaging, Long Exposure Photography, Second (Rear) Curtain Flash Sync for Creating Light Trails and infrared photography. Todays trick photography tip will be about tilt shift

.trick photography

Tilt Shift

This is a pretty cool technique in Trick Photography . If you are unfamiliar with what tilt shift is then let me explain it’s a technique to make real life stuff look like miniatures. Tilt shift photography has to do with ability to tilt or raise the camera lens in relation to the back of the camera. When you tilt the lens you are pointing it in a slightly different angle from the normal strait head on approach and then when you shift the lens you are moving it upwards or downwards for the desired effect. To do tilt shift photography you will need to get or rent a special tilt shift lens, that’s the traditional way. There is a couple other ways that will be explained in this article today.

Most people find that these lenses are entirely too expensive, especially when it’s just for trick photography, something you will not use all the time. What we will go over are some DIY and how to do this in an economical way. The first technique you may want to try is to remove the lens from the camera body and try to move it or shift it manually to get that desired effect. To be honest, this isn’t a very effective way and you will most likely not get what you are looking for but what you will get, is some really interesting light leaks. People that were successful at this technique said you really need to practice and almost hinge the lens on your finger moving it around ever so slightly. For me, I never achieved a true tilt shift shot but do not discount this one you may have better luck or skill than myself.

How To Achieve This :

trick photography


The easiest way to achieve this type of trick photography is software and will be thousands and thousands of dollars less. Software is a very reasonable way to achieve this effect and one of my favorites is snapseed and of course there is photoshop or several other photo editing software, as long as they can introduce gausian blur. All of these options you will have to come out of pocket, some less than others but there is money involved. Here is a solution that is totally free, there is a website called tilt shift maker. All you have to do is log into the website, choose a file that you want to upload and miniaturize. Then in a few seconds you can have your very own tilt shift photograph without having to buy a thousand dollar lens or purchase any additional software.

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