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“The Shot” in Photography

“The Shot” in Photography

by adminMay 12, 2017

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How far are you willing to go to the shot? For Marc Montocchio, the answer is as far as it takes. The billfish photographer has spent years dedicating himself to photographing blue marlins and other sea life, a journey which has taken him all over the world and, as you can see in the following video, to some dangerous waters. To Montocchio, it appears as though getting the shot you’ve been searching for is worth almost becoming shark bait. Take a look at his wild time in St. Thomas as he unfolds the story behind taking photos for Marlin Magazine:

Here is the photograph Marc Montocchio took from his time in St. Thomas which was featured in December/January 2011 edition of Marlin Magazine.

photography the shot

“I’m not the first person to jump in the water with blues and hooked and swimming with them and so on; there are others who have done it, but this was a monumentous occasion for me personally and I got the shot that hasn’t been shot. It’s not just a blue marlin free swimming in the water, it’s a blue marlin in it’s most exaggerated coloration and mode and aggression while it feeds. I don’t think it gets anymore real and explosive than these images.”

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