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Story with Athletic Photography

Learn Photography – Athletic

Athletic Photography

Join digital artist, Benjamin Von Wong, as he gives us a behind the scenes look at a Paralympic dressage photoshoot. Von Wong breaks down three different photographs and gives us a rundown on what he was shooting for, how each was lit, and the troubles each scene presented:

All of the different lighting setups are varied, with the most simple utilizing just one light. Take a few minutes and enjoy the tour!

paralympic photography

In the above photograph, Von Wong used a basic setup which consisted of just one speedlight. His team used a little bit of petroleum jelly to create the tear on the horse’s face that added to the of sincerity to the photograph. Below, he made use of two softboxes and a smoke machine to create the dark, shadowy look.

athlete portrait photo

“We were able to create a really dramatic portrait with only two light sources. It really depends on being able to master your lighting and whatever equipment you happen to have.”

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