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Outdoor Photography Using Flash With Children And Pets

Online Photography Tips Outdoor Photography Using Flash With Children And Pets As we all know, photographing children can be very challenging. It is tough enough just to keep them in sharp focus. Who in their right mind would complicate the task even further by adding pets and flash lighting to the mix? You should!  Adding the right amount of flash ...

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5 Tips to Improve Your Photography

Improve Photography 5 Tips to Improve Your Photography The following 5 tips represent the top 5 things that have helped me the most to develop as a photographer and I continually refer to these to further my development. I hope they too can help you along your own journey. 1. It sounds simple but it’s true; looking at good photographs ...

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Golf Photography

Online Photography School Golf Photography Tips Golf isn’t associated with being a very dynamic sport to photograph, because the action isn’t very fast and there are very strict rules on photographing PGA events. One would be quite surprised at how much opportunity exists to capture raw emotion, beautiful surroundings, and athleticism to the photographer who is willing to seek out ...

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Low light? – No problem!

Online Photography School Low light? – No problem!       Low-Light, Slow Shutter Speed, No Flash Photography!This lighting challenge no longer needs to put fear into a photographer’s heart. It’s possible to get perfect photos with a digital SLR and a few simple techniques.   Sometimes a flash brings you sunlight and then there are times when using a ...

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Macro Splashing Rose Photography

Online Photography School Macro Splashing Rose Photography Nothing could be more fitting than the title “A Splash Of Rose” for this image by Anthony Chang, a student photographer with a brilliant eye for creating the unusual. Armed with a glass rose, a plastic water bottle, a wok to catch the water and a white card for the background, Anthony got ...

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