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How To Photograph Star Trails – Part II

Online Photography School How To Photograph Star Trails # 4: Get ready to shoot When you’re ready to start your shots, make sure your camera is completely stable in its tripod, use a remote shutter release as this will help the camera to keep completely stable and not ruin your composition. Preferably use a control that allows you to define ...

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Landscape Photography In Winter

Online Photography School Landscape Photography In Winter Do you love being outdoors, or watching the world turn to a white winter wonderland? Are you fascinated with the first snow fall? If any of these ring true, you should consider landscapes with a winter scene as the main focus. What Equipment do you need for Winter Landscape Photography? First is what ...

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Want to buy a Polarising Filter? Here’s the guide

Learn Photography Guide for buying a a Polarising Filter You may be aware that a polarising filter is one of the most useful additions to your camera kit, but there are a few things you need to decide before buying one. Linear or Circular? First thing you should know is that there are two varieties – linear and circular. Although they’re ...

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Star Trails – How Do They Get Formed?

Online Photography School Star Trails – How Do They Get Formed? Understanding how star trails are formed is crucial to nailing the composition. This is also important to consider when selecting a location. Star trails are essentially formed by the (apparent) motion of the stars in the sky due to the rotation of the earth. Every 4 minutes, the earth ...

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Catch Light in Portrait Photography

Online Photography School Catch Light | Portrait Photography While most of you know what a portrait photography catch light is, bear with me. At some point, it was a new idea for you, just as I’m sure it is for some of the other readers. In the interest of being thorough, in today’s photo tip, let’s have a quick look ...

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