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Gadgets Needed For Timelapse Photography

Timelapse Photography Learn Photography Getting smooth pan shots for a timelapse sequences generally requires the use of equipment that is too large to be considered portable and also quite expensive. Oftentimes, the dollies used to glide the camera are 6 feet or longer in length, which makes them less than ideal when you have to hike four miles to your ...

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DSLR Maintenance Tips

Online Photography School DSLR Maintenance Tips A digital camera is a sensitive device. As such, it needs to be cleaned and cared for so it will always be on optimum performance. Proper maintenance will also ensure it lasts a long time and will help you avoid expensive repair costs. If you have an expensive camera and you use it for ...

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Things To Know About Autofocus / Camera

Autofocus Camera Things To Know About Autofocus / Camera   The Auto Focus (AF) System in a camera found in the 1980′s is an important discovery in the world of photography and has had a major impact in bringing convenience to photographers. Without the Auto Focus, we would have to manually adjust the focus on the lens to really precisely ...

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15 Winter Photography Tips

Online Photography School 15 Winter Photography Tips The cold weather months are a wonderful time for taking photographs. Having a total switch to the natural environment, there are a lot of excellent photographic possibilities. Subject to the area, it could be slightly chilly or even freezing. The subsequent 15 winter photography tips handle planning for the cold temperatures and your ...

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Landscape Photography Tips

Online Photography School Landscape Photography Tips Regardless if you’re new to photography or a seasoned pro, for many of us, our first love is landscape photography. There’s just something so magical about a perfectly crafted landscape photo that can’t help but command a person’s attention. On the other side of the lens, photographing nature not only provides us with endless ...

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