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Landscape Photography In Winter

Online Photography School Landscape Photography In Winter Do you love being outdoors, or watching the world turn to a white winter wonderland? Are you fascinated with the first snow fall? If any of these ring true, you should consider landscapes with a winter scene as the main focus. What Equipment do you need for Winter Landscape Photography? First is what ...

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How To Capture Liquid Flow Awesomely

Online Photography School How To Capture Liquid Flow Awesomely We thought to show you how to make a different kind of liquid fireworks. And here is how it goes Preparation and Materials I use a small plastic 5 liter aquarium filled to 3 cm. from the top with water. Only an area of about 8 cm. wide is used to ...

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Multiple Catchlights In The Eyes

Online Photography School Multiple Catchlights In The Eyes Here’s my two cents on the “you don’t have to have expensive lights to create beautiful portraits” topic. An attempt to harness multiple catchlights in a subject’s eyes. I’ve been shooting at Dale Heise‘s studio with some awesome Profoto lighting equipment for a while. Right now, Dale is in the process of ...

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Use Hat In Portrait Photography

Learn Photography Use Hat In Portrait Photography Today I have a photo tip that actually breaks the rules. I’m going to talk about including hats in portrait photography. Hats can say a lot about a person’s personality and are a good prop to use – if they actually DO fit the subject’s personality. But, be careful of the lighting. You ...

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Choose The Best DSLR Lens – 6 Topics

If you think that finding a good SLR camera is tough, try to find the best digital SLR lens to go with it. If you felt there were plenty of cameras to choose from, the number of available lenses is going to be overwhelming. Digital SLR lenses come in all manner of shapes and sizes, and vary massively in price.By ...

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