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Photographer uses drone footage and Photoshop to create surreal curved landscapes


Jeremy Gray

posted Friday, January 29, 2016 at 5:48 PM EST

Turkish Photographer Aydin Büyüktaş’ project known as “Flatland” takes meticulously planned drone photos and turns them into surreal, three-dimensional landscapes.

Utilizing 3D software and planning for two months, he was able to figure out how to make his photos have a smooth, curving landscape. Locations were photographed multiple times from different angles and altitudes with a drone. Originally, Aydin made a collage of physical prints, but the results were unsatisfactory. He now uses Photoshop to create a digital composite, which takes days of editing for each image.

He told PetaPixel that “Waiting for the right weather was challenging. There were so many times I had to turn back without any photos because of bad weather, technical problems, birds that attacked my drone, and permission issues with flying.”


To see more of Aydin Büyüktaş’ work, visit his website, his Facebook page, and follow him on Instagram.

(Seen via PetaPixel. Index image.) 

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