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Nikon D3100 vs Nikon D3200

Nikon D3200 is the newest addition to the entry-level DSLR camera series. These cameras are suitable for those who want to get great photos without spending too much money on expensive DSLR cameras. Nikon D3200 may be called an advanced DSLR camera, but it has amazing 24.2 MP CMOS sensor, Full HD video recording, easy guide mode to rival most of other cameras of its price range. Nikon D3200 is a successor to the popular Nikon D3100 DSLR camera. Nikon D3200 brings several improvements over its predecessor. Nikon D3200 is priced at $700 which is around $150 more expensive than D3100. In this article, we are going to do a Nikon D3200 vs D3100 comparison to find out if it is worthy successor or not?

Nikon D3200 vs D3100 Comparison :

Better Sensor and ISO :

The most noticeable upgrade of Nikon D3200 over its predecessor D3100 is the huge mega pixel increase. Nikon D3100 has 14.2 MP camera sensor whereas D3200 has whopping 24.2 MP DX Format CMOS sensor. D3200 is only second to D800 when it comes to resolution, which has 36 MP sensor. This megapixel bump will be very useful when we do cropping from full size images. Please keep in mind that more megapixel does not always mean more better picture quality. Image quality always depends on sensor size, we hope Nikon has made capable CMOS sensor for D3200 which can handle low light images without any noticeable noise. Nikon D3200 supports higher ISO sensitivity up to 6400, on the other hand D3100 supports only 3200 ISO. So we can expect better low light photography on D3200.

Improved Processor : EXPEED 2 vs EXPEED 3

In Nikon, EXPEED processors power the DSLR cameras. Nikon 3100 had EXPEED 2 processor, D3200 is coming with latest EXPEED 3 processor which will offer improved speed and better image quality. D3100 can capture pictures at 3fps and D3200 can do this at 4fps thanks to the latest EXPEED 3 processor.

Better Video Recording Capability

Nikon D3100 was the first DSLR camera from Nikon to offer Full HD video recording with continuous autofocus. D3100 can do Full HD video recording at 24fps. In Nikon D3200 the video recording has been improved, we can now recording Full HD videos at 30 fps and 720P video at 30/60 from. Most of the DSLR camera has a maximum video recording limit per click. In Nikon D3100 full HF video can be recorded up to 10 min, this limit has been doubled in D3200 that means we can record 20 min video clips with it.

Better LCD display

LCD is not an essential part of DSLR camera as most of the users prefer to use optical viewfinder for capturing shots. But LCD screen comes handy during recording video and live view effect. Nikon D3100 has 230K LCD display which offers poor pixelated viewing experience.  Nikon D3100 has much better 921K LCD display.

Guide Mode Improvements and In Device Editing Feature


Nikon D3100 has user friendly Easy mode which allows first time DSLR users to take pictures like point and shoot camera. In Nikon D3200 the easy mode has been enhanced and become more user friendly. We edit photos and videos directly on the D3200 DSLR camera.

External Microphone Support

If you love to shoot videos on DSLR camera, then having external microphone support is very useful. All DSLR cameras has built-in microphone for audio recording, but the problem is that sometime built-in microphones catches mechanical noise produced by lenses during zooming and autofocusing. Most of the entry-level DSLR lacks the ability to add external microphones. Nikon D3100 didn’t have any option to attach external microphone. Fortunately you can add external microphones in Nikon D3200.

Optional Wi-Fi Connectivity

Nikon D3200 brings a new features which none of current Nikon DSLR has. We can attach a Wi-Fi dongle (WU-1a Wireless Mobile Adapter) in D3200 and get the Wi-Fi capability. Android mobiles, tablet, iPhone, iPad can be connected to D3200 using WI-Fi. We can control the camera from mobile and tablet, take pictures, remotely upload photos etc.

From the above Nikon D3200 vs D3100 comparison we can see that D3200 has many improvements over D3100. Will you buy Nikon D3200 by spending $150 extra or will you be happy with cheaper Nikon D3100?

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