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Love Travelling? Keep Your Camera Safe – 6 Tips

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Love Travelling? Keep Your Camera Safe – 6 Tips

Although travelling offers an awesome chance to capture unforgettable pictures, few individuals wish to cover the potential risk of damage to his/her photography gear while you’re on the go. And so do these pointers help to make sure your photography gear is safe.

travel photography safely

Photographers (both amateurs and professionals) have a very important factor in common: Neither of them would envision leaving their photography gear at home every time they go travelling.

1. Check the digital camera before packing.

Make sure everything on the digital camera is intact. Check the lens caps, USB covers, battery pack, etc. This can also enable you to notice if there’s been any damage caused during your prior moves.

2. Don’t forget your charger.

When packing the digital camera, make sure you bring your charger along with you. You wouldn’t enjoy having a visit planned for multiple days and also have the battery dead before the beginning ends, plus your charger’s unintentionally left at home.

3. Have a lens and camera equipment in hand.

If you’re planning to take pictures in places with bad weather, the lens of the digital camera will require clean-up when ever you will make use of your Digital slr. A smooth cloth (much like the cloth for wiping eyeglasses) to clean up the lens needs to be inside your bag.

P.S: Never clean a dry lens, you need to breathe some moisture around the glass then clean it up.

4. Detach your lens from the digital camera body.

If you’ve got a camera (with removable lens), don’t travel while the lens still connected to the digital camera body. Should you forget to detach the lens, you’ll cause some damage to the threads which are utilized to support the lens towards the digital camera body (this can be if the digital camera shifts on your travel, pressure could possibly be put on the lens).

P.S: Don’t forget that you correctly place your lens cap, lens rear cap, and the body cap. This is to make sure that no dirt can go within to damage any area of the digital camera body or lens.

5. Place the digital camera inside the camera bag.

If you possess an expensive gear for the digital camera, you may wish to purchase a camera bag that has padding inside. A number of this padded bags or casings are manufactured for several varieties of lenses or camera bodies, perhaps the type of the photography-style,a good example for this can be the Case Logic SLRC-205 SLR sling bag (suitable for SLR type cameras, as well as the adventure type photographers).

However, if your specialized bag is nowhere to be found, you can pack the digital camera inside a bag with soft cushions or wrap the digital camera before it is within your carry-on-bag. Also ensure the LCD goes first, it’s better if the digital camera lies flat on its back to avoid pressure around the lens region.

P.S: In case you pack the digital camera inside a carry-on-bag with toiletries inside, be sure you place the digital camera within a plastic bag to safeguard it from sudden fluid spills.

6. Plastic covers.

Any number of plastic bag that could tighten over your Digital camera’s body which enable it to keep out fluid, but still allows to use the buttons will be enough. This really is suitable for rain photography. You can purchase handy digital camera covers like these in photography supply stores. If there is no plastic covers like these, you can even work with a shower cap found inside the hotel to guard the digital camera body.

Maro Chow.

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