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Lines in Landscape Portrait Or Any Other Photography Type

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Lines in Landscape Portrait Or Any Other Photography Type

Today’s landscape photography tip consists of – photography diagonal lines! In the landscape photography, portrait photography, still life or another, the 1st main job of the photographer is always to draw the viewer’s attention towards the most significant aspects of the picture – and keep it there!

lines in photography

We want our photo to deliver some form of information – otherwise, we shouldn’t be taking the picture – therefore we need to be sure that our viewer’s attention is targeted in the proper area. Mind you, the “message” we’re sending might be as fundamental as wanting them to see a nice-looking cloud formation, or some pretty colors inside a rainbow – what ever.

We are taking the picture simply because something in that scene fascinated us and now we want the viewers to find out it too!

This is really the entire point towards the picture composition rules to ensure the audience sees what we want them to see inside the scene.

First, let’s take into account the way a person examines a photograph. Certainly it’s not really a hard and fast rule – after all, individuals are individuals – but eye tracking research indicates that individuals have a tendency to begin in the lower left and let their eye travel up towards upper right.

Add to this the tendency of the viewer’s eye to follow along with natural lines inside a picture and you’ve got the genesis of the pretty effective compositional tool!

In digital photography, diagonal lines starting in the lower left and traveling towards upper right are extremely effective!

leading lines

Why does the viewer’s eye typically move from left to right? Obviously for the reason that we’re used to reading from left to right. We have a tendency to take a look at all text and photos in this way!

Here’s some advice to keep in your mind – I haven’t seen any studies to support this, but I believe that in nations where people read from right to left, the viewer’s eye will travel from right to left!

In that case, design your diagonals to steer them in to the picture from right to left!

Keep your potential viewers at heart when you’re creating your photography diagonal lines.

When you try to find out where you should place your diagonals, do not start or end right in the corner. Photography diagonal lines that split the composition in two aren’t any more interesting than placing the key subject within the bulls eye position.

Your diagonal lines don’t need to be a real line. It could possibly be a fence drawing a viewer’s eye – the horizon (if you’re shooting at some funky angle) – nearly anything!

Attempt this – have diagonal lines originating from both right and left and converging on the “star” of the photo!

While vertical and horizontal leading lines are nice compositional elements, photography diagonal lines are more dynamic and definately will impart more strength and verve in your picture.

diagonal line photo

Your assignment for now is to get out there – along with your dslr camera – and locate ten other ways to incorporate photography diagonal lines in your pictures. This landscape photo tip – although seems simple – is but one of the big photograph composition rules! Get better at it! 

Dan Eitreim.

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