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iPhone to “crush” DSLRs? Dual Camera iPhone 7 Plus Could Offer ‘DSLR-Like’ Quality, 3D Depth Mapping

Is 2016 the Year of Multi-Lens Smartphone Cameras?
I first wrote about multi-lens camera technology for smartphones in May, 2015
 and wondered if this kind of tech would make its into the iPhone 7.

By August, I wondered if this kind of tech would crush DSLRs altogether.

At least one securities analyst thinks the answer to both of these questions is likely to be ‘yes.’

Take a look at this Apple patent , and then read on and tell us what you think in the comments!

Good thing I opted for Apple’s annual upgrade program when I bought my 6s Plus. (planetMitch note: if you’re looking to save money, this is not the right choice if you ask me… you’re essentially leasing the iPhone for $700+ more than you would pay to own one for the 2 year contract (which you can then sell if you want). You can buy a nice lens if you’re willing to forsake the option of getting a new phone every year! Sorry Hugh, just had to throw that in there because I think it is a bad option)

Dual Camera iPhone 7 Plus Could Offer ‘DSLR-Like’ Quality, 3D Depth Mapping

Via MacRumors:

Earlier today, reputable KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said the iPhone 7 Plus will likely have a dual-lens camera system based on technology Apple acquired from LinX Imaging. The new hardware could lead to some significant improvements in camera quality on Apple’s next flagship smartphone.

LinX’s multi-aperture cameras pack impressive image quality in a smaller size than single aperture cameras, meaning the iPhone 7 Plus may lack a protruding camera lens and be able to take SLR-quality photos — think Canon or Nikon. The camera modules are also capable of very interesting technology called 3D depth mapping and more.

We previously provided an in-depth look at LinX’s camera modules after Apple acquired the company, but it is worth recapping some of the major advantages of their technology, given today’s iPhone 7 Plus rumor.

Noise Reduction

The images captured by the LinX camera are brighter and clearer, with significantly reduced noise levels, compared to smartphone cameras. Available detail when zoomed into a photo was also much greater, as can be seen in the comparison below. View this PDF for more side-by-side image comparisons.

Noise Reduction

Read full article at MacRumors “Dual Camera iPhone 7 Plus Could Offer ‘DSLR-Like’ Quality, 3D Depth Mapping”

Apple patent describes dual-camera design

Via DPReview:

Looking at a new Apple patent that has recently surfaced, it appears we might see a dual-camera setup in future iPhone generations. The design uses two camera modules, one with a wide-angle lens and another with a longer focal length. Throw some Apple software wizardry into the mix and you get yourself a smartphone zoom lens that should get close in quality to fully optical zooms and much better than existing digital zooms.

However, improved zoom may only one be of several applications of the design. The dual-camera could also be used to create 3D images or increase image quality in wide-angle images by adding additional detail that is captured with the longer lens.

Apple patent describes dual-camera design

In video mode it could help capture better still images during recording and allow for picture-in-picture effects, capturing footage that shows an entire scene and specific detail at the same time. It could also be possible to capture standard video on one lens and use the other for time-lapse or slow-motion recording.

Read full article at DPReview “Apple patent describes dual-camera design”

Source: USPTO | Via: Apple Insider

(cover photo credit: snap from DPReview)

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Hugh Brownstone

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