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How to Take Great Fashion Photographs

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How to Take Great Fashion Photographs

In fashion, appearance is key. However, it is not just down to the models who wear the latest styles to ensure they look brilliant; the people charged with taking their photographs for supply to leading magazines and websites have a huge role to play in ensuring that they’ve taken the very best shots available. After all, which magazine or website editor-in-chief wants sub-standard pictures of a great dress, when great pictures of a dress that perhaps isn’t so good will look so much better and tells a more substantial story?

Here are some tips that will help you take better fashion photographs.

Assert Your Authority

This is particularly important if you’re working with less experienced models that might not know what a photographer is looking for, or with models used to working in a particular style. You need to ensure that your direction is exceptional and that you know what you want. Remember that no one is going to fire the models because you didn’t take good photographs. Be prepared to get up close and mimic the poses you want, and perhaps even put the models into particular positions yourself.

Get Involved From the Start

If you’re a photographer, your director will probably forgive you if the makeup department lets you down and doesn’t do a great job. However, you will do wonders for your reputation as a fashion photographer if you become known as someone who is happy to have input from the beginning of the day. When you arrive at the studio, make a point of talking to makeup about the look you want and the type of image you want to convey.

As word spreads that you’re a hands on photographer who knows what he wants, you’ll find that many more people want to work with you.

Try to Stick to the Studio

While some brands will want outdoor photoshoots, even the best and most experienced photographers prefer shooting indoor. This is because it is easier to control light and take variables out of the equation. How many times have you watched the outtakes of Top Model on YouTube where it starts to rain, the wind is a nightmare, or there is a field filled with lighting equipment which makes the photographer’s day a few hours longer both at the start and finish of the shoot?

Ensure you have all of the equipment ready to shoot outdoors if necessary, but try to do all you can to stick to the studio where you can use a wind machine, for example, and create any other effects as and when you want them.

Find an Assistant

Even in the short space in which we’ve provided these tips, you’ve probably recognised there’s a lot for you to do as a fashion photographer. When you start earning a good enough income, you might want to employ an assistant to help you, even if all they do is drive you and help you to set up, it is good to have someone you can rely on for various things.

Ideally, you’ll want someone who shares an interest in fashion, so they they’re willing to be hands on and help make your job easier.

Follow these ideas and you’ll quickly find you’re becoming a better fashion photographer, and will soon be inundated with brands and shops that want to work with you.

About the Author:
Andrew is an aspiring fashion photographer who currently works on small events such as shopping mall fashion shows and University exhibitions for fashion students, while sending examples of his work to Vans footwear and other leading urban brands. Andrew hopes to earn a job at a leading fashion magazine before starting up his own agency in the longer term. 

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