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June 20, 2017

What Is F-Stop and Shutter Speed

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What Is F-Stop and Shutter Speed

How is an exposure made and what does the camera do to make sure an image is recorded? There are two parts involved in exposing film or a digital sensor to light.  One is the intensity of the light and the other is the length of time the light is allowed to strike the film or sensor. Exposure= intensity x time.  Above the door in my photography class was this sign: E=IxT.  Some students thought it meant EXIT.

The f stop (aperture) is the iris in the lens that allows a measured amount of light to strike the film. This f stop is determined mathematically by the size of the iris opening [...]

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May 22, 2017

How To Shoot With Nikon D3200

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How To Shoot With Nikon D3200

The great thing about using a DSLR camera is always that I can always feel certain that some things will remain unchanged from camera to camera. For me, fundamental essentials Aperture Priority (A) and Shutter Priority (S) shooting modes. Regardless of the subject I am shooting–from landscape to portrait to macro–I am typically going to be concerned with my depth of field. Whether it’s isolating my subject having a large aperture or looking to maximize the overall sharpness of an sweeping landscape, I always keep an eye on my aperture setting. If I need to control the action, I use Shutter Priority. If I am trying [...]

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May 21, 2017

Nikon D3200 Manual Mode – Photography Tips

Learn Photography Nikon D3200 Tutorial – Photography Tips M: Manual Mode

Once upon a time, a long time before digital cameras and program modes, there was clearly Manual mode. In those days it wasn’t called “manual mode,” because there were hardly any other modes-it was just photography. In fact, many photographers cut their teeth on completely manual cameras. Let’s face it-if you wish to learn the outcomes of aperture and shutter speed on your photography, there is no better method to learn compared to setting those adjustments yourself. However, today, with the advancement of camera technology, many new photographers never give this mode a second thought. That’s really a [...]

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May 20, 2017

Nikon D3200 Shutter Priority Mode – Photography Tips

Learn Photography Nikon D3200 Tutorial – Photography Tips S: Shutter Priority Mode

S mode is the thing that we photographers commonly make reference to as Shutter Priority mode. Just as the name implies, it is the mode that prioritizes or places major increased exposure of the shutter speed above all other camera settings.

Just like with Program mode, Shutter Priority mode provides for us more freedom to manipulate certain facets of our photography. In this case, we have been talking about shutter speed. The selected shutter speed determines how much time you expose your camera’s sensor to light. The longer it remains open, the greater time your sensor needs to [...]

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