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Capture Amazing Star Trails – Tips


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Capture Amazing Star Trails – Tips

We have already discussed in details about how to create a perfect star trail. You can read about it here. Now if that’s not enough for you, let me tell you further tips which will suffice the previous tutorial of creating perfect star trails.

  1. Always have a flashlight with you, so you can see the camera as you will need to change the settings while shooting at night. A chair with you will make you feel comfortable if you’re planning on photographing the sky all night.

  2. You should use a compass and star maps to help you find out where to place the DSLR so that you get the type of star trail movement across the photograph that you want.

  3. Place the camera on a steady tripod, and use a cable release to “snap” the pictures, to keep from causing vibrations during the long exposures.

  4. Include foreground elements in your composition for a more interesting photograph.

  5. Lock the focus.

  6. Use a low ISO to keep noise to a minimum.

  7. Use shorter exposures when possible, even though you may end up making more images to stack together, as this will also keep noise to a minimum.

  8. Turn ON the camera’s Long Exposure Noise Reduction feature.

  9. Shoot test exposures to see exactly what f/stop and shutter speed (or length of time with the camera set on BULB) will produce a well-exposed image. Use the camera’s histogram to check exposures.

  10. Close the eyepiece shutter to keep stray light from entering via eyepiece.

  11. Shoot RAW (NEF) so you can easily make adjustments in post-production.

  12. Turn OFF the LCD display to conserve battery power.

We also had previously discussed about how are star trails formed. You can find it here.

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