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Aerial Photography

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Aerial Photography

2005 National Garden Festival in Munich-Riem

Klaus Leidorf, a German photographer and pilot of Cessna 172 Skyhawk – a four-seat, single-engine aircraft, takes aerial photos that are simply breathtaking.

Despite the fact that Klaus photographs and operates the aircraft at the same time, his photos are beautifully composed and aesthetically appealing.

On his website, leidorf.de, you will find a large number of aerial photographs categorized by topics. If you decide to navigate through Klaus’s website, you should know that “Bilder” means “images” in German.

Red car between five trees

"An island for the time" at Munich Airport

Aerial photo of Linden in Munich-Perlach

Pier at the regatta course

Aerial view of a row of trees

Aerial view of Arnulfpark in Munich

Aerial view of the snowboard tracks on a hill

Trees on a field near Unterfroschham

Images © Klaus Leidorf, www.Leidorf.de

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